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We have a great range or cornice available online at plaster products UK for you to choose from. Take a look at our products.

C1 Lg Fluted A=125mm B=139mm

C2 Sm Fluted A=74mm B=78mm

C3 Sm Egg & Dart A=85mm B=95mm

C4 Lg Egg & Dart A=114mm B=114mm

C5 Sm Acanthus A=88mm B=97mm C6 Lg Acanthus A=93mm B=135mm

C7 New Acanthus A=98mm B=118mm

C8 Acanthus Crown A=143mm B=165mm

C9 Sm Dental A=89mm B=102mm

C10 Lg Dental A=137mm B=130mm

C11 Sm Georgian A=78mm B=102mm

C12 Lg Georgian A=140mm B=137mm

C13 Autumn Leaf A=90mm B=90mm

C14 Small Honeysuckle A=95mm B=120mm

C15 Med Egg & Dart/Dental A=130mm B=155mm

C16 Lg Egg & Dart/Dental A=167mm B=190mm

C17 Adam Swag & Drop A=76mm B=203mm

C18 Med Georgian A=115mm B=118mm

C19 Georgian Classic A=140mm B=140mm

C24 Med Swan A=137mm B=190mm

C29 Egg & Dart with Block A=180mm B=190mm

C21 Crosby Run A=130mm B=140mm

C20 Water Leaf A=83mm B=130mm

C23 Plain Curve A=120mm B=120mm

C25 Welsh Anthacus A=98mm B=94mm

C26 Grape & Vine A=105mm B=156mm

C27 Lg Swan Neck A=130mm B=150mm

C28 Early Victorian A=130mm B=160mm

C30 Lg Classic Curve A=270mm B=140mm

C35 Floral Swag A=140mm B=140mm

C36 Scroll A=38mm B=152mm

C7 Block & Bead A=87mm B=05mm